2nd Annual Short Film Competition

We’ve concluded our 2nd Annual Short Film Competition and the consensus is “Wow, ten spectacular films by some remarkable filmmakers!”  The only negative comment I got was one member telling me how mean we were, making them complete a Ballot that made them decide on their top three picks … All ten Finalists are winners for having beat out hundreds of other submissions; but here are the tallied results from the 300+ ballots cast from our three audiences:
- 3rd Place ($250 cash prize): Tony Paulley, for his documentary film, MWANGA
- 2nd Place ($500 cash prize): Mansur Rashid, for his dramatic-narrative film, SAME FRUIT, DIFFERENT TREE
- 1st Place ($1,000 cash prize): Alicja Jasina, for her animated short film, ONCE UPON A LINE

Left to right: Giselle ( Same Fruit, Different Tree ), Aaron (Composer,  Once Upon a Line ), Alyxandra (producer,  Le Pain de L'Amour ), Juilio ( Klaazor ), Rashid (Same Fruit, Different Tree), John (MSFS Director), André (Oops!), Adrian (The Pick), Christine (Le Pain de L’Amour),  Alicja (Once Upon a Line), Joor (Adi – at the Cofluence

Left to right: Giselle (Same Fruit, Different Tree), Aaron (Composer, Once Upon a Line), Alyxandra (producer, Le Pain de L'Amour), Juilio (Klaazor), Rashid (Same Fruit, Different Tree), John (MSFS Director), André (Oops!), Adrian (The Pick), Christine (Le Pain de L’Amour),  Alicja (Once Upon a Line), Joor (Adi – at the Cofluence

The full list of Finalists included:
-       Once Upon a Line (animation) by Alicja Jacina
-       The Pick (live-action/narrative) by Adrian Brown
-       Mwanga (documentary) by Tony Paulley
-       Amoo Nowruz (animation) by Farkhondeh Torabi
-       Adi - At the Confluence (documentary) by Joor Baruah
-       Klaazor (live-action/narrative) by Julio García Escames
-       Same Fruit, Different Tree (live-action/narrative) by Mansur Rashid
-       The Elder and the Wall (live-action/narrative) by Enrico Targetti
-       Oops! (live-action/narrative) by André Campbell 
-       Le Pain de L’Amour (animation) by Christine Barron

Click on the link to watch the YouTube video of the Q&A and the 3 winners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4ZBvhkdxtY

The entire troupe of Finalists want all our Mountain Shadow members to know how much they truly enjoyed participating in our competition. Despite the considerable distances travelled by many of them, they all expressed how impressed they were with what we have established and accomplished in less than three years. Aspiring filmmakers like nothing more than sharing their work with enthusiastic, appreciative and packed audiences!

Here's a festival review posted on FilmFreeway by the filmmaker of "Oops!" André Campbell: "Travelled from Los Angeles to Walnut Creek, Ca for the festival, and found the people, the volunteers and the organizers as hospitable humanly possible. The festival was well organized, I would go back, and recommend you submit in the future."

Masur Rashid (who won Second Place for his film, "Same Fruit, Different Tree") also added: "I absolutely loved being here. There is a brunch for the filmmakers and I absolutely loved it. Everyone was so nice and the communication is impeccable, which was really, really appreciated. I had an absolute blast. I will submit to this competition every time I do a short, just for the opportunity to do it again! And the audience turn out was incredibly impressive!"

Julio Garcia Escammes ("Klaazor") wrote: "One of the best experiences I have ever had in a film festival. The festival is very well organized. Every screening of the festival was packed. Hundreds of people came to watch the films. The organizers and volunteers were really nice and careful and they set up the conditions for a very good networking. Definitely, this is a festival I would recommend everybody to submit."

A few filmmakers were willing and able to make their films available for viewing on the following links:

"Klaazor" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1V0lbz3zIE (no password required)
"Mwanga" - http://vimeo.com/122009119 (no password required)
"The Pick" - http://vimeo.com/181322784 (no password required)
"Klaazor" - http://vimeo.com/155626838 (password: klaazor23)

Missed the show, or want to watch ALL the films a second time? WE NOW have a DVD available in our Member Lending Library!