The 4th Annual Short Film Competition


Mountain Shadow’s 4th Annual Short Film Competition was held Sept. 14th – 15th at the Las Lomas Theater. Twenty-two volunteer-member jurors previewed 539 submissions to select 10 Finalists to present live-action, animated and documentary films in person for audience balloting and cash awards.

Q&A portrait.jpeg

The winners resulting from tallying our audience ballots were as follows:
- 1st Place ($1,000) - Max Romey (from Anchorage, Alaska), "How NOT to Capture the Grand Canyon" (documentary).
- 2nd Place ($500) - Jess Yochim (from Erie, PA), "Rust Belt New Americans" (documentary).
- 3rd Place ($250) - Sharri Hefner (from LA), "Barriers" (live-action / narrative).

Other presenting Finalists ($150):
- Nabil Burias (from New York), "Dimensions of the Microtones" (animated).
- Michele Konrad (from Sydney Australia), "If I Were You" (Live-action /narrative).
- Kaylee Soo Hyun Lee (from Los Angeles), "Corps Exquis" (animated).
- Yelim Heo (from LA), "The Sandman" (animated).
The following Finalists did not appear to present their films in order to be qualified for ballot voting, but still received $150:  
- Mahaliyah Ayla O (from LA), "Masks," (live-action / narrative).
- Maya Craig & Seth Hahn (San Francisco), "Jack" (documentary).
- Kevin Haefelin (from New York), "Tight Spot" (live-action / narrative).

A terrific YouTube video of the Filmmaker’s Q&A with the Saturday show can be viewed here

Thanks again to all our jurors who selected our Finalists, our donors and supporters, and filmmakers. Congratulations to all!