Fri. Jan. 13th - 7:30 PM
Sat. Jan.14th - 4:30 PM & 7:30 PM
Sat. Jan. 21 - 7:30 PM
[1644 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek]

$12 General Admission
(available on a first-come basis, beginning at 7 PM)
[Free for Mountain Shadow Members - Info? See Member Tab]

“A dark-tinged comic drama, in a winter holiday setting!'

A Mill Valley Film Festiival favorite with no current plans for U.S. commercial distribution, it’s a Mountain Shadow exclusive you can’t see anywhere else!  Synopsis: After 40 years, Harold’s successful business selling furniture, goes bankrupt when IKEA decides to open a new superstore next door. In anger and despair, he decides to go to Sweden to kidnap the IKEA-founder himself, Ingvar Kamprad. Dark Comedy- Drama From Norway, with English subtitles - NR-Strong Language-  87 min.

“Stunningly inventive”- says Variety “Incredibly entertaining” claims The Guardian. Having premiered at Cannes and then hit the Fall trifecta of Teluride, Toronto, and New York FF (plus MVFF), NERUDA is officially Chile¹s Academy Award submission, and already on many prognosticators’ short lists for Best Foreign Feature. It opens in NY & LA mid-December, but you can catch it at Mountain Shadow mid-January! Synopsis: A determined police inspector searching for Chilean politician/Nobel-prize-winning-poet Pablo Neruda after he goes into hiding in 1948.  NERUDA is no run-of-the-mill biopic.  This is a wildly inventive, poetic, often hilarious, and cinematically daring exploration of the blending of history, fiction, and identity. Rated R - English subtitles. Watch the trailer here.

This show will also include a quirky animated short that was a runner-up at Mountain Shadow’s “Short Film Competition” last September, entitled, “7 O’Clock!”


The Academy Awards announce their nominees on Jan. 24th, with the Oscar winners announced Feb. 26th. Once again, our shows in February will bring our audiences “The Best” of the Oscar Shorts in all three categories: Animation, Live-Action and Documentary! The local commercial theaters never bring you the great docs! You can see the trailer here.




Film Review & Commentary

Film Reviews
A Dramedy on Thin Ice: A Review of HERE IS HAROLD

Charlie Chaplin once said, “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!” There’s also hardly anything funny to be found in the first fifteen minutes of this Norwegian cinematic drama-comedy; but subtle humor that underlies much of the way the real world exists will break through the ice and expose both the absurdity and touching beauty of life. Click on the image above to read the full review.

Two Left Feet

Fúsi is a baggage handler at the airport, where he spends his days handling everyone else’s arrivals and departures. Unfortunately, it suits him well.  Enter Sjöfn, a spunky, but seriously flawed chick who introduces Fúsi to a whirlwind of new experiences he could hardly have conjured up for himself.  Fúsi then goes through all the pains of growing up; from the innocence and naiveté of childhood to a kind of mature and compassionate affection some adults never achieve. Click on the image above to read more about this little gem of a film.