Coming Attractions
FRIDAY, SEPT. 16th, 7:30  PM
SATURDAY, SEPT. 17th, 4:30 PM & 7:30 PM

[1644 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek]
$12 General Admission
(available on a first-come basis, beginning at 7 PM)
[Free for Mountain Shadow Members - Info? See Member Tab]

This year’s jury, consisting of 21 Mountain Shadow members, previewed literally hundreds of submissions, and selected 10 Finalists who will present their work in person at three 90-minutes shows over the weekend of Sept. 16-17. These outstanding short films include live action/narrative, documentary and animated works; with filmmakers from around the country. Audiences will judge the films, picking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for cash prizes. Don't miss it!

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Film Review & Commentary

Film Reviews

For most players, chess is a game of attrition; knocking off enough of the opponent’s pieces, in order to expose the vulnerability of the king and its capture.  But for the skilled player, cornering the king with an inescapable checkmate can sometimes be accomplished when your opponent still has plenty of other powerful pieces left on the board. Even a few lowly pawns can potentially become the victors.  And sometimes with the help of a knight on horseback. It is the peculiar ability of the knight’s horse to leap over other pieces -- forwards or backwards, up two squares and over one, or vice versa -- that can sometimes be most effective. And therefore, sometimes it’s really just a matter of backing the right horse against all odds. To read a Mountain Shadow review of "The Dark Horse," click on the image above.

Exchanging Notes

THE MUSIC OF STRANGERS:  Yo-Yo Ma & the Silk Road Ensemble

By John Bennison, Mountain Shadow Director

[This film was Mountain Shadow's selection for July, 2016]

Through the dramatic stories of an ensemble of characters, this new documentary film drives home the challenge for us to rethink how different cultures, with their unique traditional music lore, get preserved, honored and shared; to either evolve and interact, or clash. Any film intended to celebrate the universal thread of music, with the diversity of its expression in different cultural traditions, all sounds lovely. In point of fact, the Silk Road Ensemble’s throbbing rhythms and the joyful expressions so clearly expressed by its members, sounds powerfully persuasive. But we live in a world filled with more than harmonious musical notes. In focusing on the lives of several members of this ensemble, we are confronted with the unavoidable intersection of happy musicians colliding withever-present political intrigue and international conflict. Click on the picture above to read the full review and commentary.