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SATURDAY, FEB. 13th, 7:30 PM

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February 5, 6 & 13: THE OSCAR SHORTS –  A Mountain Shadow exclusive in our area! The Academy Award nominees were announced Jan. 14th. We present the best inLive-Action, Documentary and Animated shorts in one of our most popular shows each year!  Trailer


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March 11, 12 & 19: RAMS -- from Iceland, a wonderfully wry comedy that was a favorite at the Mill Valley and Palm Springs Film Festivals. Trailer.

April 8, 9 & 23: EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT – An Oscar nominee this year for "Best Foreign Language Film," it's a mesmerizing adventure / drama and remarkable story about an Amazonian shaman, two scientists separate journeys over a span of 40 years, and the search for a sacred healing plant that’s for real! Trailer.

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Film Review & Commentary

Film Reviews
Wild, Wild Horses

A Commentary & Review of MUSTANG
By John Bennison, Mountain Shadow Director

Note: This Oscar nominee for "Best Foreign Language Film" was Mountain Shadow’s January, 2016 show.

Mention Turkey today and those who have traveled there might say it’s a wonderful place to visit, but they wouldn’t want to live there. The evening news brings with it daily images of Syrian refugees flooding across its southern border, civil unrest in the streets, and a repressive Erdoğan government that reinforces strict Islamic codes of conduct.
At first one might think it’s an unlikely setting for what
Deniz Gamze Ergüven, the co-writer and director of Mustang, describes as a fairy tale. It is not, however, a “once upon a time … and they lived happily ever after” kind of story. It’s more like the brothers Grimm, with the role of Rapunzel locked in the tower played by five young sisters; who are orphaned and bound to each other by blood and ferocious affection.  Click on the image above to read the full review.


A Commentary & Review of HEART OF A DOG
By John Bennison, Mountain Shadow Volunteer Director

A Film by Laurie Anderson
Documentary  - Non-Rated - 75 min. 
This film was Mountain Shadow’s selection for December, 2015

“Life can only be understood backwards," wrote Søren Kierkegaard, "But it must be lived forwards.”  The 19th century philosopher’s quote expresses the conundrum that lies at the heart of Anderson’s film, HEART OF A DOG. The film is a meditative compilation of recollections, reflections and ruminations to be experienced by the viewer as a cinematic retrospective on love, life and death; all of which might enable one to move forward. To read the review, click on the image above.

Remembering Skokie

A Commentary & Review of SURVIVING SKOKIE
By John Bennison, Mountain Shadow Volunteer Director

A Film by Eli Adler and Blair
Documentary  - Non-Rated - 66 min. 
This film was Mountain Shadow’s selection for November, 2015

Surviving Skokie is the best kind of documentary. It’s historical and informative, to be sure. In addition, it tells a story that is inspirational; and, to my way of thinking, even redemptive. But it’s also personal, even autobiographical. And therein lies the kind of archetypal father-child journey that is authentically poignant and persuasive.

Everyone knows something of the Holocaust. It is the emblematic story of the kind of devastation, death and destruction which human beings seem all too capable of inflicting upon one another in every age and generation.  Whenever and wherever the spark is ignited once again, it requires the best in us to confront and denounce the worst in us. 

Click on the image above to continue reading.  

When You Can’t Have It All - A Film Review of "The Second Mother"

Writer/director Anna Muylaert gets personal with a simple story exposing the human costs with the last remaining vestiges of a class system that is all but gone. Where one film critic dubbed THE SECOND MOTHER “ is a soap opera with a social conscience,” I call it Downton Abbey in Portugese. 

Val is the loving and lovable maternal surrogate and domestic backbone of an affluent Sao Paulo household that maintains a vestige of Brazil’s colonial past through a combination of pretension and dysfunction. 

Click the image above to continue reading.