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FRIDAY, OCT. 14th, 7:30  PM
SATURDAYS, OCT. 15th & 22nd
[1644 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek]
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It's a ‘Romeo & Juliet’ romance combines with a ‘Don Quixote’ impossible quest in this delightful tale from Iraq! Iraqi filmmaker Halkawt Mustafa now lives in Norway, but his new film that has only played thus far at two U.S. festivals (and Mountain Shadow next month) tells the tale of two Kurdish little brothers in Iraq, who risk their lives to fulfill their one brother’s dreams: To win the heart of a true love and prove his worthiness for her hand by meeting football hero Cristiano Ronaldo. [FYI: El Clasico is the name referred to in European football to any match between fierce rivals Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Filmed mostly in Iraq, with English subtitles. Drama • NR • 95 min. Trailer.
A haunting and hilarious trick-or-treat tale, just in time for Halloween!


  What sorts of people knowingly purchase the former residence of a notorious serial killer and the location of multiple murders? Meet Tom and Barbara, the proud new owners of the most infamous house in Sacramento, California. As the middle age couple renovate the crumbling house, encounter stares from neighbors and growing attention from the local news media-- they realize it’s going to take a whole lot more than paint and landscaping to change the community’s minds about their new home! 13 min.

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Film Reviews
2nd Annual Short Film Competition

With the conclusion of our 2nd Annual Short Film Competition the weekend of September 16-17,  the consensus is in: “Wow, ten spectacular films by some remarkable filmmakers!”  All ten Finalists were winners for having beat out hundreds of other submissions; but you can click on the image above to find out the tallied results from the 300+ ballots cast from our three audiences.



For most players, chess is a game of attrition; knocking off enough of the opponent’s pieces, in order to expose the vulnerability of the king and its capture.  But for the skilled player, cornering the king with an inescapable checkmate can sometimes be accomplished when your opponent still has plenty of other powerful pieces left on the board. Even a few lowly pawns can potentially become the victors.  And sometimes with the help of a knight on horseback. It is the peculiar ability of the knight’s horse to leap over other pieces -- forwards or backwards, up two squares and over one, or vice versa -- that can sometimes be most effective. And therefore, sometimes it’s really just a matter of backing the right horse against all odds. To read a Mountain Shadow review of "The Dark Horse," click on the image above.