Coming Attractions: 

Friday, Dec. 12th • 7:30 PM and
Saturday, Dec. 20th • 7:30 PM 
Oak View Room, Walnut Creek Library

LIFE OF RILEY - Its French title is “Aimer, boire, et chante,” that is, “Love, Drink, and Sing,” but the English title, “Life of Riley” matches that of its source, a work by British playwright Alan Ayckbourn. Shown at the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival this year, it had limited screening in the U.S. Somewhat ironically, this French comedy by the recently deceased filmmaker Alain Resnais, tells the story of three middle-aged couples in the English countryside struggling with life and love, after learning of a friend’s terminal illness.  Given 5-stars by Glenn Kenny from  See the trailer here.

Plus, our brilliant and thought-provoking short  film, voted “Best Animated Short” at the  2014 Albany Film Fest: “HUMANEXUS: Knowledge & Communication thru the Ages ” by Ying-Fang Shen. Commissioned by the National Science Foundation, artistic-animator Prof. Shen’s work takes the viewer on a 10-minute whirlwind compilation tour of human evolution and communication; challenging us to consider how best to communicate and interact with one another.

And Coming in January

Force Majeure.jpg

Friday, January 9th  – 7:30 PM
Saturday, January 17th – 7:30 PM

Oak View Room, Walnut Creek Library

From Magnolia Pictures, Mountain Shadow has snagged this pre-home release you won’t find in our local theaters either!  SAYS Michael Philips of the Chicago Tribune, “’Force Majeure’” is both funny and sad, often in the same glance-averted instant. See it with someone you’d trust to stick around in an avalanche. As Sweden’s entry for this year’s foreign language Academy Award, it becomes a recreational nightmare, driven (and riven) by panicky male behavior under duress.”  Rated R – 118 min – Drama / Comedy  See the trailer here.  


Film Review & Commentary

Film Reviews
Like it or not, C’est la vie

A COMMENTARY ON THE FILM, “Aimer, Boire et Chanter” [ AKA, “Life of Riley”]
by John Bennison, Mountain Shadow Volunteer Director
Note: This was the feature film for Mountain Shadow’s December, 2014 shows.

Over the course of six months, from springtime to late fall, three middle-aged couples rehearse their parts for an amateur play; all the while struggling – each in their own way -- with the news of a terminal diagnosis for their mutual friend George Riley. Yes, it’s considered a comedy! But for the characters in this film, it’s no life of Riley.

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Three Comics Walk Into a Bar: Did You Hear the One About ... ?

By John Bennison, Director, Mountain Shadow Film Society
This film was featured by the Society in November 2014

The funny bone is probably the most elusive part of the human anatomy. For the comedian who considers their self a professional, finding the right way to tickle it is a quest not for the faint of heart. And for those aging comics who’ve been at it for 3-4 decades, their career paths are not unlike any of us who’ve found and followed a passion that can be “intoxicating.”  

That’s the way Will Durst describes the connection he’s sometimes able to find with his audience. “When it works, it’s better than anything,” he says. And like everything else, it seems, it has a life of its own. This film tells such a story; how the stars once aligned over the San Francisco skyline in the eighties. And that nothing lasts forever.

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