SATURDAYS, DEC. 10th & 17th
7:30  PM
[1644 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek]

$12 General Admission
(available on a first-come basis, beginning at 7 PM)
[Free for Mountain Shadow Members - Info? See Member Tab]

“A dark-tinged comic drama, in a winter holiday setting!'

A Mill Valley Film Festiival favorite with no current plans for U.S. commercial distribution, it’s a Mountain Shadow exclusive you can’t see anywhere else!  Synopsis: After 40 years, Harold’s successful business selling furniture, goes bankrupt when IKEA decides to open a new superstore next door. In anger and despair, he decides to go to Sweden to kidnap the IKEA-founder himself, Ingvar Kamprad. Dark Comedy- Drama From Norway, with English subtitles - NR-Strong Language-  87 min.


This show will also include a delightful short comedic film originally selected by our Mountain Shadow jurists for our September Short Film Competition. Regrettably the filmmaker was unable to attend, but our audiences get to enjoy it now!

Perfect Day graphic.jpg

THE PERFECT DAY: WINNER OF 22 AWARDS!! It's the most important day in David's life. He has a $10.000.000 deal with a Japanese Holding and it's all or nothing today. Everything seems to turn out perfectly well, until ...  from Spain, with English subtitles, 12 min. Trailer.

Watch for news of the future coming attractions!
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Film Review & Commentary

Film Reviews
Two Left Feet

Fúsi is a baggage handler at the airport, where he spends his days handling everyone else’s arrivals and departures. Unfortunately, it suits him well.  Enter Sjöfn, a spunky, but seriously flawed chick who introduces Fúsi to a whirlwind of new experiences he could hardly have conjured up for himself.  Fúsi then goes through all the pains of growing up; from the innocence and naiveté of childhood to a kind of mature and compassionate affection some adults never achieve. Click on the image above to read more about this little gem of a film.

An Impossible Dream

As a place known only too well as one of international conflict and internal civil strife, modern day Iraq might seem an unlikely place for a film about two star-crossed lovers following an impossible dream.  In fact, the director of El Clasico, Halkawt Mustafa, has described how filming on location in Baghdad’s “Green Zone” was interrupted numerous times by nearby bombings. At the same time, perhaps the point of the storyline is made all the more poignant and persuasive when the internal ways of the heart can withstand all the slings and arrows the outside world can heave, and still triumph in the end.  With no U.S. commercial release for this film (only a few select festivals), this was Mountain Shadow's exclusive screening and selection for October, 2016. Click on the picture above to read the full review.