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SATURDAY, JUNE 18th, 7:30 PM

[1644 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek]
$12 General Admission
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Film Review & Commentary

Film Reviews
Amazon Apocalypse, or, a Bend in the River

A Commentary & Review of EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT
By John Bennison, Mountain Shadow Director
[Note: This film was Mountain Shadow's selection for April, 2016]

Here’s what you get in over two hours of movie watching: A river to explore. Two different adventurers in search of a legendary, but illusive prize with an unknown destination. Modern “civilized” man’s search for certitude and domination of nature, and the ill-fated consequences.

There’s also the tension between the reality of dreams and the horrific nightmares humankind enacts, time and again. There are ancient mythic tales that can chart a serpentine course no cartographer’s map can trace. There’s an Amazonian sage and shaman that not only challenges Western thinking, but can utterly transform a man in the process of his own evolution. 

Embrace of the Serpent offers up a spellbinding trip upriver with two tales and time periods that share a common quest.  Click on the image above to read the Mountain Shadow review.

Winter of Discontent

A Commentary & Review of RAMS
By John Bennison, Mountain Shadow Director
[Note: This film was Mountain Shadow’s March, 2016 show.]

Two farmhouses, inhabited by two estranged brothers, stand a stone’s throw apart; separated only by a barbed wire fence and a thousand miles of jealousy, rivalry and resentment that has fueled a bitter feud for an unremembered number of years.

The bonds of affection held by Gummi and Kiddi Bolstadar are quickly evident, however; and equally spent on their wooly flock and the prize sheep. But soon the blackest of nights descends upon the valley, as Gummi’s grim discovery of an incurable sheep disease leads to the mandatory slaughter of all the stock.  Click on the image above to continue reading.