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"I, Daniel Blake"

“A masterful cry for human dignity from Ken Loach.” - David Morgan, CBS News

 I, DANIEL BLAKE: Coming to Bay Area theaters in June, Mountain Shadow has snagged another outstanding film. Winner of Cannes’ Palme d’Or Award, it's a new powerful, touching work by Ken Loach, about a 59-year-old British carpenter who must fight the bureaucratic forces of the system in order to receive
Employment and Support Allowance after having suffered a heart-attack. Rated-R, 100 min. TRAILER












Film Review & Commentary

Film Reviews
“Faire le Pitre” [Clowning Around]

A review of "LOST IN PARIS." While the film-making team of Abel and Gordon don’t credit Chaplin directly as the inspirational source for their latest work, they readily acknowledge they are part of what they call the professional “actor-clown” tradition; with what they themselves dub as “burlesque comedy.” In this, their latest film, the dialogue is minimal; leaving facial expression and body movement to tell a tale that’s sheer comic delight. This was Mountain Shadow's selection for May, 2017. Click on the image above to read the review.

Parts Known & Unknown

"Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent" - The popularity of Anthony Bourdain’s well known series, Parts Unknown, is all about revealing people and places as yet undiscovered. But what about the first well-known “celebrity chef” who, to this day, remains an unknown mystery?  The answers are not to be found in some secret recipes, but in a study of one extraordinary man’s unique personal gifts and baggage. This was Mountain Shadow's selection for May, 2017, and a Bay Area premiere.Click on the image above to read a Mountain Shadow review.